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October 21, 2015 - 6:55:45 p.m.

This tree details the Needham's from High Needham in Derbyshire who are pedigreed back to the 12th century and are the ancestors of the Earls of Kilmorey. The oldest person in the tree is Old Father de Nedeham; he was the first recorded Needham in England. The question that needs to be answered is; do all Needham's descend from here?  A number do including those in Hertfordshire, the Derbyshire  villages and Sheffield.

Included in the favourites are the following that can trace there ancestors back to Old Father Nedeham:

Richard Francis Needham b 1942 - Kilmorey lineage

Major General William Needham b 1770 - Jamaica

John Needham b 1735 - Duffield

Henry Needham b 1553 - Bonsall

George Needham b 1637 - Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Ellis Needham - Blackley Lancashire

Marchamont Needham b 1620 - Osmaston

James Needham b 1688 - Castleton

Sir Francis Needham b1590 - Melbourne 

Henry Needham b 1526 - Kirklington 

James Needham b 1489

NOTE This tree has had a major (28 June 2016)  minor (4 Jan 2017) and now includes ancestral lines into Bonsall, Duffield and Hertfordshire

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I am indebted to Helen Nedham who provided the tree and associated information. The base for the tree has previously been published by Alastair Lack

Otwell Needham
Birth: Lack family tree; Visitation 1569 &1611
Death: National Archive notes; Otwell Needham Will 1570December 21, 1570Colley, Derbyshire
James Nedham
Birth: Visitation Hertfordshire 16341489
Death: He nominated Edmund Harman of Henry VIII's privy chamber to act asoverseer of his will made at Boulogne. He died after the seige of BoulogneSeptember 22, 1544Boulogne France
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