Needham Rotherham 7

Needham Rotherham 7 Family Tree
July 1, 2016 - 3:56:06 p.m.

The Rotherham 7 tree is one of a series based on Rotherham Parish Records. The trees are identified by the oldest Needham in the tree - John Needham (bap 1766) in this case- and an associated  tree number. The tree numbers are cross referenced with the Rotherham family data; the same trees can be found on the Ancestry site.

 Joseph Needham bap 1778: Rotherham 2 Tree

William Needham bap 1799: Rotherham 3 Tree

Robert Needham bap 1709: Rotherham 5 Tree

Robert Needham bap 1766: Rotherham 7 Tree

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If you have researched the Needham's and can define other lines descending from Rotherham then please get in touch with the administrator

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